Monday, June 30, 2008

gratitude for a full plate...

this morning I am grateful for...

granola mixed with a heart smart oat cereal and blueberries
hot coffee
money enough to pay bills
online bill pay
that I have time to share with my friend john r how much he's meant to me
my wife and son got home just fine from WV yesterday
that I have a job to go to
my aquariums, that bring me peace and relaxation
our newest newcomer, that he just keeps coming back despite struggling

HP please...

help me to stay sober just for today
be with my friend john r as he lives out his last days with cancer
help our newcomer become ready and willing
help me manage my time well, I have a lot of good stuff to get to
help me remember to be of service to those around me
help me bring peace to the people I meet today
help me come to a conclusion about picking up some more work

The mortgage/banking business right now is growing ever more difficult due to slowly rising interest rates, a "soft-ish" local real estate market, and the continuing tightening of credit lending guidelines. To that end, the bottom fell out of my June and it ended up being my worst month since coming out of training last fall. Thankfully that's over today, lol. And July isn't looking great but it looks better.

What to do? Well, my wife has declared herself unable to go to work once Ian starts school full-time this fall. She's decided she cannot handle the stress of dealing with other people. I am inclined to agree, as it seems that these days she struggles mightily with just me and Ian. While he and I can be a handful at times, we're certainly nothing out of the ordinary, not even close. So, she did come up with an interesting idea for me... I am considering looking into picking up some work teaching at a local university extension campus as an adjunct instructor/professor. I don't quite have my Master's Degree as required. But I have years of practical business experience in sales and mortgage lending. Surely there must be something I could teach, right? I mean heck, I have a Bachelor's degree in Music Ed. So, along with everything else, that is now on my plate.

peace to all who enter...


Mary Christine said...

Bless your heart Scott. I think I would be mighty pissed off if someone who was unwilling to work was thinking of ways for me to work more.

Adrienne said...

There are probably many low-stress jobs available for your wife. Or perhaps her stress and anxiety needs to be addressed in a medical setting.

Adrienne said...

Also - check out Paul over at Sober Catholic....

Scott said...

MC- agreed, sometimes it pisses me off beyond belief.

Arienne- it's most definitely some sort of anxiety, depression medical/pysychological/hormonal something, I have no doubts on that one. The problem with that is this: she disagrees with every suggestion I have ever amde about seeking help, various jobs, treatments, doctors and so on. There's no discussing it so I don't bother anymore. I tried the "just listening" thing for a long time, got tired of that, began making thoughtful kind suggestions, then more pointed direct respectful suggestions, nothing but argument. So, I pray and whine on here.

Thank ya both very, very much for commenting, it helps to know someone's "listening."