Wednesday, July 09, 2008

not a total loss today...

Summer is wonderful! I love the warm sunny weather. I love the thunderstorms. I love the festivals, fireworks, camping, all that jazz.

We packed a lot of fun into the 4th of July weekend... a party on Thursday, fireworks Fri nite following a family day of bike riding, a movie with my son and one of his buddies, hanging out, etc. Sat nite, I took my son camping on his friends dad's family farm. We had a ball... I even slept good on the ground, which is a good thing, considering I am going to be his Cub Scout Den Leader lol. Sunday we went to Mass, rode bikes, I worked in the landscaping, and we hit the pool. All in all, it was a pretty nice weekend.

My wife has decided to try teaching CCD this upcoming school year, now that Ian is in 1st grade. She will be teaching 4th grade. She's taking a lesson planning class and has already proclaimed herself in over her head, out of her league and regretting saying she would do it. She hit me up for some help with the class last nite (I took the class last yr as part of my first yr of teaching) and we had a nice discussion. I was basically just sharing with her some stuff that worked for me in that class, and as a CCD teacher. mainly I just wanted to encourage her not to throw in the towel. I know she's overwhelmed, I know I sure was, and still am a bit nervous for this upcoming year. I just hope for her sake that she sticks with it. I have gotten so much out of teaching CCD...

I experienced one of those days today, where everything went goofy. There was very little about my work day that wasn't "gremlin-infested," "glitch-riddled" or just basically a cluster "u-know-what." I let myself get so "twerped out," "bent-n-twisted," "frazzle-fried" and flat out jsut plain old pissed off.

Thankfully I didn't quit nor do I believe I will be fired. But I was sure an SOB to work with today. Sometimes, it all just gets to be a wee bit much and I let myself get too damn worked up about stuff I cannot control, which causes me to make mistakes, which makes me madder, and so forth... The dreaded anger loop.

Today's good news... I came home early (missed last nite's dinner, today's breakfast and didnt eat until 4:30 this afternoon). And took Ian to the pool for his swim lessons with my wife, had a nice time lounging about in the pool, talking with her about stuff... it was nice and relaxing. Ian and I spent the evening together and he went with my to my Optimist Club Board meeting. (mama bear was at school) So, the day recovered nicely for a change :-) yay!

here's to HP for dragging me kicking and screaming out of a self absorbed funk-ass day. Thanks HP!


Anonymous said...

I thought about teaching CCD :)

But maybe later--when the wife and I are not quite so occupied with college and jobs and 9 kiddos.

ukok said...

Well done to your wife for being prepared to take on teaching CCD. She will soon get the hang of it, i'm sure :-)

Scott said...

hey lounge daddy, all of a sudden, you're gone! where's your bloggage??

Mary Christine said...

I hope your wife sticks with CCD. I think it will help her to get "outside of herself."

You are a great guy Scott.

Scott said...

well, thanks MC!

dAAve said...

Hey dude.
You got a life!
Just think of where you might have been.

John Lynch said...

Great to hear you are working so hard to staying sober.

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