Saturday, July 26, 2008


We drove to Toledo last evening to suprise my mom at her favorite restaurant. It was her birthday. Since we live a couple hrs south, she had no clue we'd be there and was delighted when she walked in and saw us! It was more than worth it!

Up until that point where my wife and son met me at the bank to leave for Toledo, I had "one of those days." Just about everything I touched yesterday turned out poorly and by lunchtime it had become a pretty awful day. This whole "working for the big giant bank" thing has become very difficult, what with the mortgage market being what it is. It's becoming time to consider leaving the industry altogether if I cannot produce better. It's amazing, just back in May I had my best month ever and now June and July have been horrific. I can only afford poor performance for so long before we have major financial difficulties. We're approaching the end of the home purchase season here in Ohio and with the onset of winter, business will really become bleak unless mortgage rates drop. So, I am going to get a little more active with the resume distribution while at the same time, continuing to hammer away at my market to eek out a living. And here I thought that going to the bank meant lots and lots of easy business. Once upon a time, not long ago it did mean just that. The market has changed drastically.

Today is our annual Firemen's Picnic. This morning Ian and I will do the 1K Fun Run/Walk (he will run, I will walk with Cosmo the wonder dog). My wife is going to do her first 5K in a long time. She's pretty excited. Later on it's games, food, friends, music and fun until well into the evening. Hopefully later on, I can sneak off to the AA Men's Spiritual retreat that's taking place just a few short miles away at the Spiritual Center (awesome retreat house!)

peace to you all!

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