Sunday, September 14, 2008

here comes Ike

Boy, we need rain badly here in West Central Ohio. The winds have picked up and we're forecast to enjoy the remnants of Ike (now a tropical depression) throughout the day. They are forecasting heavy rains w/35-45 mph winds and possible tornadoes. It's nothing at all like what our friends in TX and LA had to deal with but it will be good for us rain-wise. Hopefully there will be no tornadoes. It amazes me, the size and scope of this thing, and that it has hung together as far inland as it has.

We had our first CCD class this past Wednesday and my group went pretty well. I have 19 this year, up from 12 last year so that's a bit of a challenge. And there are three boys who are going to need a little extra guidance with regard to behaving in class. They began the testing and the cutting up. So far, I intend to be a benevolent dictator, lol. Let's hope it doesn't have to evolve from there. Keeping the kids busy and engaged will take care of most of my issues. The Director of Religious Ed and their parents will handle the rest lol. It's exciting to get to know another group of kids and there seems to be a few who are already willing to buy into what I have going. It'll be fun!

AA lost a great friend this week. John R lost his battle with cancer, passing away Monday. He will be greatly missed as he was among the sober in AA for close to 30 years. My friend Bill came through his surgery pretty well last week and is in therapy and recovery now. He'll probably return home from Duke University Hospital this upcoming week. They got most (90%+)of the three cancerous tumors.

We had a great home group mtg Wed nite, discussing amends with several newcomers that have been coming round the past few weeks and months. That's always a great discussion because new guys are usually quite anxious to have everything repaired straight away. However, there's ususally a great deal of credibility that is lacking early on in recovery. So, other than some major emergency "triage" it's probably best to leave the details of a full 9th Step amends to future efforts, working the 1st 8 Steps in order first!

peace to you all!!

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AlkySeltzer said...

Yeah, yeah! I did my First Step, and then, in a hurry to 'get it done', went right to my Ninth--no list, no consultation...and no result--except I realized I was a jerk once again.

But it all came together (at least for today!) in God's time, certainly not mine.