Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday stuff

My friend Bill had surgery this week to remove 3 tumors from his brain. From the reports I get, he is doing well, the procedure went well and they got most of the tumors. Evidently they are located in difficult places and they're small. I believe that next he has some down time to recover from the surgery then it's chemo and/or radiation. I pray for him and his family often, please join me.

Ian's 1st soccer game was yesterday, it was a lot of fun and he did pretty well. He's a sporty little guy who can run quite fast. Last year in the soccer classes at the Y, he woudl run along with the pack but not go after the ball. This year, he's getting involved in the play, trying to pass a little bit and dribblig the ball. He took a turn at goalie, got scored on, blocked one and got scored on again. That was enough goalie for him. They lost and he was bummed. But, he's coming out of that age where he "wins" everything he does and he's going to be learning how to lose gracefully. That's just as important as learning how to win, in my book.

I found out earlier this week that its down to me and another person for this bank job I am hoping to land. It would be a nice improvement with regard to money and stress. The current gig is making me nuts when I let it so, I am looking very much forward to the stress reduction with the new career. The new position is a bit of a departure from the type of lending/banking I am most familiar with but I can learn. I already have a TON of connections/network in the market where I'd be working and that's the key. Knowing who and how to get with at the right places. I got that going on very well.

Please help me stay sober and help others today. Please help me be a good dad and husband with more patience. Please be with my friend Bill and his family. I pray that I might be there for the next struggling addict/alcoholic that needs to be introduced to You. Help me preapre well for my Cub Scouts and my CCD kids. They need a good teacher/leader advisor. Please use me to teach them Your Will.

Thank you for this day, may it be a peaceful one for all who visit.


Pam said...

coming by to say hi.
i'm playing blog catch up.

AlkySeltzer said...

Prayers for Bill (I bet God knows who he is!)

Good luck in new career when it gets nailed down--YOU just might need some prayers, that God's will be done, and be accepted. "May He give me the power to carry it out"...a familiar mantra!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I'll add your friend to my list of intentions today.