Thursday, September 04, 2008

Well, the "fall season" is in full swing! Last nite we celebrated our annual "Back to School" Mass at church for all the teachers parents and students. We had our last organizational meeting for CCD which begins next Wednesday. I have 19 8th graders this year, up from 11 last year. We're going to try a new wrinkle and involve our HS Youth in helping to teach and journal with our 8th graders as "Faith Partners." I think this will be great for all the kids, to work together. And, it will help me manage my larger group.

It felt good to pray a Rosary before Mass. I took some "me time" to pray for my friend Bill who undergoes brain tumor surgery today, may God be with him and his family. I also said the Rosary in an effort to re-focus myself. Work has been a real bummer, very stressful and the like. But to that end, I had two great interviews last week and found out yesterday that I am one of two candidates for a real nice small local bank job, selling commercial lending/banking services and agricultural lending/banking services. It'll be a welcome departure from the huge bank "ram it, jam it, cram it" approach to mortgage lending. I feel pretty good about how things stand, but I continue to seek other options, to give myself as many choices and opportunities as possible.

God, please help me to remember that it's not all about me today. I am here to help those around me, doing Your Will, not mine. Please help me to not get so fired up about work. I pray that I can take an attitude of service into my day today. Be with my friend Bill, and all those who need Your Grace and Peace. Thank You for these continuous gift of sobriety and good health, happy family and friends.


dAAve said...

Good luck on the job front (again).

AlkySeltzer said...

" wrinkle and involve our HS Youth in helping to teach and journal with our 8th graders as "Faith Partners."

Yah, we do that here also. For some reason, we do not call it CCD any more?

Thank you for the beautiful prayer (at bottom) which covers everyone, including me -g-.

Mary Christine said...

I love the Rosary.