Wednesday, October 29, 2008

committee sesson and service

I awoke this morning to a full committee meeting in session. It's month end at the bank and somehow even being as slow as I am, I have month end loan closing stress. I am grateful for this stress because it means I am closing a couple of important loans this week. I would prefer to have the closings without the stress bt I will take what I can get at this point, based on the very bleak November I am facing. This too shall pass...

My boss, and some regional VP from way on up the food chain spent the afternoon with me yesterday (speaking of stress...). Now, my boss is a good guy, fair, up front, interested in my (his) success. They were there to help my "grow my biz" which consits of the Regional veep badgering me ceaselessly to badger anyone who walks into the banking center to go hit them up for a mortgage, including making outbound phone calls to our client base. I am not a big fan of the direct frontal assualt whether it be on the phone of face to face. In my small town that doesn't go over well. It was a long afternoon, lol. I did catch three clients on the phone and made two appts and one follow up. Maybe there is something to this "sales" thing after all.

(yes, we're getting to the part that relates to sobriety... be patient..)

Service... I have to get outta myself and help others if I am to stay sober. That means helping other drunks but even more so for me it means helping anyone who needs it. I have learned over my time in business that when I can pace my career/job function under the umbrella of service, I am much more successful. Yesterday's "full court press sales efforts were made to grow my business, but my approach to the selling was service. I called my clients to help them improve on what they already have with us with better rates, better loan, lower monthly paymetns, long term debt relief, whatever it is. Oddly enough, an AA friend of mine popped in Fri, he's a bank client. And he told me that he really loves how I try to look at everything in terms of service, even outside AA and that really helps him. It was a wonderful reminder injected by HP (higher power) for me. It seem I needed re-reminding based on yesterday's meeting with the boss lol.

Thanks again HP.

Please remember the sick and struggling in your prayers today...


dAAve said...

The mainstream media is telling us that loans (car and home) are next to impossible to obtain right now. Your post says pretty much the opposite.
I'm glad I secured my mortgage back in May.

Gwen R said...

Happy Tricks or Treats Scott! Hope you have a stress free weekend~