Monday, October 06, 2008

i have a follower...

Hey nifty, I just noticed that I have a follower! I've never had a follower before. I certainly hope they find my blog to be worth continuing to follow, lol!

This past weekend was the men's retreat up in MI. What a beautiful weekend of weather we had. Nice and chilly (frost) at nite, sunny and warm during the day. I took Fri off and fished my way up there, stopping at a river and a small lake before finally arriving at the YMCA camp Fri evneing. I spent the majority of the weekend fishing, catching Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Rock Bass and even a snapping turtle. From a fishing standpoint, you couldn't have asked for more. From a relaxation standpoint, serenity standpoint, ditto. I didn't do much talking and if you knew me, you'd know that's a bit different for me. I love going up there and catching up with the group of guys that helped me get/stay sober when I first arrived in AA, back when I lived in Toledo. But, I really just needed to get away from people for a couple days and just decompress. I did just that, and people understood.

As wonderful as this weekend was, it was a bitch heading into work this morning. I dread going to work each day and it just all really sucks. But, I have to feed the family so I go do my grown up thing and suck it up. Tomorrow I am putting in my resume at a local John Deere Agricultural Equipment dealership. It's a locally owned family business and I recently helped the guy in charge of sales find a buyer for one of his properties. I actually dealt with his wife on a couple of their properties and she seemed anxious (on behalf of him) to get me to give her my resume. I have to ifnd something soon, the mortgage amrket is a disaster and this commissioned sales "working-for-the-giant-company" thing is sucking the life out of me and our savings.

thank God we have savings.

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