Monday, September 29, 2008


Whoops... I must've picked up a nasty bug online! My comp basically blew up and I had to resort to a full system restore to get things up and running again. I am back to square one with everything. It's jsut a good thing I had all my photos backed up and quite a lot of data. I hadn't backed up in some time so there was some loss, including several CCD lesson plans. Thankfully, I have those on paper so I can simply type 'em in when I have time.

We had a Pack Meeting yesterday, raced our little boats down the raingutters, had a ball with that. Ian got several awards, including his Bobcat Badge and his recruiter badge. He was pretty excited about all that. 11 of my 12 Tiger Cubs made it so that was a nice surprise. One lil guy was out of town so had he been home, we'd have had 100% participation, very nice! After that, I took him to Wal-Mart as an early birthday surprise. We picked out his new tackle box and some fishing tackle. I figured it would be alot more fun if we went and picked it out together, it was!

My friend Bill is back in Ohio, rehabbing from his brain cancer tumor operations. He beings chemo, keep him in your prayers. Also, my wife's niece "N" is in need of our prayers. She's young, maybe 20 and dealing with a serious alcohol problem and now evidently she's cutting as well. She's been "released early" from one treatment center and they are looking into getting her into another.

Later this week, I will be heading up to Michigan to my annual fall men's retreat (AA). I so look forward to this weekend. The next few yrs it will likely fall right on Ian's birthday so this will be the last one for awhile. I have been going up there since 1996 and only missed one or two years (Ian's b-day). It's important to me, but not important enough to miss my son's b-day. Mama bear wouldn't like that too much either lol. But, I am definitely ready for a spiritual/emotional overhaul. The job has taken a toll on me and I need a recharge/cleansing.


AlkySeltzer said...

Nothing beats an AA Men's retreat.
All spiritual business, no distractions, good meals, wonderful meditation opportunities. It's where hoesty, courage, and integrity ard either born or nurtured. (sigh! Wish I was going...)

Gwen R said...

One of my biggest fears is the "crash" ~ I seriously have to get backed up!

Hope your retreat was great~