Saturday, September 20, 2008

keep on keepin on

While the disappointment is great, so is the task at hand. I am stuck in an awful situation as a mortgage professional (like most of us portgage bankers) and that's the way it is right now. My clients are expecting me to take care of them through these insane market conditions and I don't have time for feeling sorry for myself. (as much as that appeals to me right now lol)

Yesterday was not a fun day, as it was really difficult (and I failed miserably) and not being pissed off at having to continue on in my present position. It all got better once we got to our high school football game. Our local Cub Scouts raise the flags before each ball game and clean up after each ball game. Well, this week it was my Tiger Cub Den's turn to handle the flag raising. Those little dudes stood there in their blue uniform shirts and saluted as I helped one of them raise Old Glory. It was a goosebumpy moment to say the least. Then after the game we got out the gloves and trash bags and proceeded to scour the stadium on cleanup duty. Lots of the fans made positive comments as they left and again, it was awesome.

This morning, I get to step in for my son's soccer coach and help coach their game. I helped at practice Thursday and like I knew it would be, it was the best therapy after the most awful day. Today will be great! There's just something magical about being surrounded by energetic, enthusiastic young people having fun. Ian and I will continue work on his little raingutter regatta race boat for the big race at our next pack meeting, and who knows, we might get a little fishing in tonite as well.

Tomorrow it's Catechetical Sunday at mass, where all the catechists are recognized at Mass and at a reception following. Free donuts, yay! My wife is the newest 4th grade teacher and so far, it's been a challenge but she's embracing it and going for it, I am so proud because this is waaayyy outside her box! Then Sunday nite it's our annual Optimist Installation banquet (really, and excuse for us all to get together, cut up, eat a lot and for many to drink alot lol). That's always a great time spent among great people, enjoying the memories of another year spent serving the youth (utes) of our community.

So you see, my focus has been just a bit too magnified on things professional evidently. And while this career things is vital and important, I am going to give it a rest, just do the next right thing and celebrate the joys in my life, for they are many and wide ranging. (I am still kinda pissed and unhappy though lol, and that's ok... this too shall pass)

peace to you all, may God be with You through your day.


Anonymous said...

Hope you having an acceptable Monday, Scott. :)

dAAve said...

I think it's entirely normal to be thinking about your professional future.
But you're so active away from your job too and that's great.