Saturday, October 11, 2008

no more politics lol

ok, this blog has never been about politics and will continue to not be about politics. I welcome anyone to post and comment and very rarely ever delete a post (unless it's from u know who, sober bloggers lol).

So, I am going to refrain from political postings hopefully lol I responded to one commentary and that's where I will probably end my political discussions on here. The whole thing really just ends up disturbing me more than it's worth.

Its off to Toledo today to do Ian's b-day with my side of the family. I guess we get to celebrate my upcoming 40th (10/16) as well. It'll be a nice quick trip up the road and back.

the retreat last week was awesome... lots of fishing and fellowship. I needed that.

This week, work has become silly lol. The markets have people flipping out, our mortgage rates are completely whacked and so no one is applying with us any more and I am getting a bit nervous at this point. The resumes are out...

peace to you all!

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