Sunday, October 12, 2008


Ok, yesterday... one of those days where nothing happened like I thought it might. Thankfully, I was in that place of acceptance and peace all day so I didn't arouse any nerve endings.

We headed to Toledo to visit first my mom and step dad, then off to my dad and step mom's home, the usual routine. We here going up to celebrate Ian's 7th b-day and catch mine as well since it is coming up this week. We got to my mom's, I could sense something was a little different. My step sister's van was there and oddly enough my dad's car was there as well. Sure enough we go in the house, and there's my entire family and a bunch of food waiting for us to get there. Let me just tell you that my dad has never been in my mom's home since they split up in 1984. It was a momentus occasion to say the least. Someday I will go into the insanity of how that all came to be. I could probably sell the book rights.

So, that was a blast, we celebrated not only for Ian and I but also for ny nephew Josh and Niece Sabrina who had recent birthdays, very kool indeed. It was just really awesome to have the ENTIRE family together for a birthday. This family has certainly come a long way!

Having been given some cash and a couple Bass Pro Shop gift cards, we had to stop there on the way home since that's the closest Bass Pro Shops Store (Oh wow, magnificent place) to where we live, two hrs away. The wife, son and I spent over an hour in there blowing birthday funds, having a ball. We even bought a 2 night, 3 day hotel package for sometime later in the year for a little getaway for only $59 bucks. Yea, we'll have to deal with a 2 hr dog and pony show about the Bass Pro Shop resorts but since we just had decided to go to Disney next yr for Ian's b-Day, that hotel package will come in nice and handy. Especially since my wife won some free Disney tix. And considering they give you $50 bucks in gift certs to Bass Pro Shops for buying the package it's a pretty nifty deal. So, we decided why not. We could always use it to go somewhere else and just get a hotel deal for Disney. There's some great destinations to choose from.

All in all, a nice day spent with family. Pretty kool, I don't turn 40 until Thursday and I already had my party and got some treasure, kool! My wife and mother in law went in together and got me a spiffy 19" flat screen LCD TV for the kitchen. It's amazing how large the picture is on a 19" wide screen.

Now, it's off to Mass where ym wife will be making her Bell Choir debut. Our parish has put together a new bell choir and today is their first performance at Mass. She's not a musician and she's struggled not to quit but she has hung in there. I only hops that she enjoys today. I can't wait to enjoy their music. I love the sound of bells and I am so proud of her for getting so far out of her normal routine.

peace to you all!

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