Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Lord's Day

Today is indeed the Lord's Day. (well technically, I think everyday is the Lord's Day... this one more than others for me perhaps...)

Today, I have the priviledge and responsibility of publicly sharing the gifts I've been so freely given.

At Mass, our little brass group will be playing with the choir and the bell choir to help celebrate The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King. I love to play my trombone at Mass, to share my gift of music with my Catholic family for the Lord. For the first time ever, my wife and I will be performing together, actually making music together at Mass. Our music director asked her to join the new bell choir and she reluctantly agreed. I never thought I'd ever perform publicly or well, anywhere with her so this is special for me. I think she's just hoping to get it over with lol. Music isn't her thing but she's tried her best! (and frankly, she does great... I wish she wouldn't be so hard on herself!)

Later this afternoon, I get to share my story at a Fall Gratitude Roundup. It has been a few months since I have led a meeting and I am in need of a good share. I think it's also appropriate for me that this is a Gratitude roundup as mine has been somewhat lacking of late. I recall early on in my recovery that people who used to share about gratitude pissed me off. I figured if someone had to actually talk about their gratitude publicly in a meeting, they probably didn't have any. That attitude gave me a nice cop out from having to share mine. Ironically, later discovered that I didn't have any to share lol. With good reason, and with God's Grace I have thankfully developed a different attitude toward gratitude. It finally sunk into my thick head that gratitude is absolutely necessary if I am to enjoy real, quality, lasting sobriety and have something of value to transmit to those around me.

I pray that today might be the "day the Lord has made" for all of you as well!!

Peace be with you all...

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Pam said...

Sometimes I think I just give gratitude a lot of lip service. I'm really working on that.