Saturday, November 22, 2008

where did this week go?

Wow, it went by quickly.... My family and I have had a lot of stuff going on! of course, there's the work thing, lots of effort and time spent, little results. The market is what it is right now so I keep plugging away, keep trying to improve what I am doing as a mortgage professional. It's funny... if you listen to the media, they'll tell you that no one is lending any money. Well, true enough that mortgage guidelines have tightened considerably. But, I can tell you that there are plenty of Loan Officers that I work with who would love to make more mortgages happen. The qualified applicants are on the sidelenes, plain and simple. Rates are still quite good and homes are definitely affordable. But, very few clients are interested in borrowing. On the career front, things have gone quiet with all my resumes and so forth. I have made some good contacts at a couple of nearby vocational school but nothing is open right now, it's the wrong time of year. So, I get ym info in there and wait until spring. I continue to work the network!

Ian has been busy with school, even having homework in 1st grade. That has been actually quite good for me to sit with him and work through his stuff. It's amazing to watch him learn and grow. He's been such a blessing! My wife does most of the homework stuff with him, but I get at least one chance with him each week and it's really just awesome.

I have been getting to Mass and my home group regularly but it's not really been enough for me, spiritually. My wife and I are going through another difficult patch, the usual poor communication, stress and poor attitudes. We don't fight and hollar, but the tension is palpable. I went and spoke with our priest about my issues and got some good direction. I know my thing is really to jsut slow down, keep from being rushed and stressed, pray alot, work my program, and be grateful. If I could just keep it that simple, I would better handle all the stuff and be more at peace. So, that is my focus right now... I am just having trouble getting back into that mode lol Lots of stuff to do, and the old mind is racing!

I have been getting back to the gym regularly over the past few weeks, so that's good! I know that will help with my energy and fitness. All in all things are alright. We've got tough times like everyone else. I just need to work on how I handle these challenges.

prayer for today...

HP, thank You for the blessings in my life... my sobriety, my family, friends and my job. please help my friend B recover from his tumor surgeries, be with him and his family. I also pray that those suffering alcoholics and addicts find the Grace that got me to this place in life, Your Saving Grace. Please be with ym CCD kids, help me help them grow closer to You. And please help me be a better husband, dad and employee, not allowing the external stresses to come between me and You, me and my family. Most of all, thank you for your greatest gift, Your only Son Jesus Christ.



dAAve said...

Sounds pretty OK, all things considered.

Lisa Viator said...

I kind of found your blog by accident but will return to keeep up with you. I'm also in recovery and an aspiring Catholic (not to mention in serious need of joining a gym) so I believe your site will offer on-line support and insight to my endeavors, as well. Thanks.