Saturday, December 13, 2008

as we wait in joyful hope...

prepare the way... anticipation... you never know when the moment will be, so don't get caught unprepared... geeze I can hardly wait... only 12 more shopping days...

'tis the season for preparations! We get ready for Christmas Day (from the materialistic perspective, no doubt). We plan, bake, cook, shop, wrap, race, stress... All so that Christmas parties, family get togethers, perfect gift presentations all go off without a hitch, without anyone's feelings getting hurt or without anyone getting disappointed. Ok, that's all good, I get that.

However, what I believe we're supposed to be preparing for is for the coming of Our Lord. I have come to understand that Advent is the time prior to Christmas where we reflect, plan and prepare ourselves for that time where we finally face the Lord. We don't know when, where or how He will arrive but He will. We could live to witness the end of all days, the glorious return of our Saviour. Or, we could meet Him on His terms in His House at His time. The point is, to be prepared. I am not lol. So, I try to use this season not only to prepare for the fun of a secular celebration with food, family freinds and gifts but mostly to remind myself that I need to be spiritually pepared to "meet my maker" as some say.

The thought of coming face to face or well, spirit to spirit with Jesus/God/HP is somewhat daunting in some respects but really, it's exciting. The whole point is to get to that place where we can meet our Lord in peace. If I strive to carry out His Will in my life one day at a time and work hard to help Him help others, I believe this meeting will be a good one. If I live without regard for His Will and just live to serve myself, goodness know what the meeting might be like. It could be delayed for a time after my departure while my soul is cleansed and "works off my debt to the Lord." Or, maybe I might be denied entry to this meeting. So, I just have to remember to do my best, live each day as if it was the one I meet the Lord and try to be prepared :-)

Happy Advent to you all! It's truly a great season!

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♥Shann♥ said...

you are just do damned cool. Thank you for sharing this and just bein you