Wednesday, December 17, 2008

pray, if you would please...

I know I have been going on and on about prayer in recent posts... Here I go again, because I believe in prayer.

My niece N is really a mess. It turns out that she has been drinking and God knows what. Her current roommate is tossing her out on the street with basically the clothes on her back. It's bad... She's been lying to her family about being sober and going to AA, working/dancing in a bar (not the brightest move, lol). She's been stealing from her roomate (a recovering person with a small child who has enough on her plate already) and all sorts of other delightful things.

My wife has been talking with her periodically but gets the sense that the girl is simply incapable of being honest right now. She refuses to do anything that requires a committment to try to stop drinking, she just wants help and for someone to listen to her. Frankly, I hope the roomie gives her the boot and lets her find out the hard way, how tough life can be. I don't say that because I am a spiteful SOB, but because this girl simply isn't ready to get honest and get sober. Often times, the only way we become ready is to get the hell beat out of us, spiritually and emotionally. Her mom and dad have picked up the pieces time and time again, won't stick with Al-Anon, the usual. I contend that had they let her hit the wall a few times hard, maybe she'd be more willing to try someone else's plan instead of her own. But, when we remove the roadblocks for the still suffering alcoholic, we often kill them with kindness.

So, please pray for her safety, for God's Will in all their lives... I hate this for all of them. I love this girl so much for who she is and I have never even met her or spoken to her. I just want her to get well, we all do. She is on my list of prayer intentions, please put her on yours!

Thanks and God Bless!

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♥Shann♥ said...

prayers sent, and yea I know what you mean about wanting her to hit bottom so HOPEFULLY she "gets it" and picks up her life and gets help and does the work