Saturday, December 20, 2008


It's cold, wet windy and yucko. I haven't had a full official day off in two weeks. Rather than subject myself to the insanity of another day among the "mortgage refi starved" public, I am hibernating at home to get through the stack of refi applicants. Believe me, I am grateful to be busy with clients hoping to save money. But, I have to sequester myself in order to get caught up. It has been absolutely insane since Thanksgiving. This is a good thing!

Preparations for Christmas are in full swing! Actually, they are well in hand. My wife got a TON of stuff done last nite while I took the boy to the Y for a few hrs. I have her stuff to wrap and a few gift certificates to pop out and grab during my various travels this week. Other than that, we're good to go! I cannot wait to get home for Christmas. We've not spent Christmas with my family in awhile. This will be the first time all of us are together in probably 5 yrs, very kool!

Please continue to share your prayer intentions with me. My main prayer work right now is still centered around ym niece. She has agreed to come home and live by mom and dad's rules (she also lies alot, so we'll see) and get her act together. The story changes daily so who knows. All I know is that they all need our help big time!

peace to all who enter!

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psychbaby said...

Hi Scott!

Merry Christmas!