Monday, December 01, 2008

nice thanksgiving (and a really dumb Christmas rant)

We drove down to West Virginia to visit my wife's family on Wed evening, got back last nite. As usual, we ate way too much but had a really nice visit. On our last Thanksgiving visit down there, I offered to help out a little bit with dinner preparations (my wide really doesn't enjoy cooking). Well I ended up cooking the turkey and basically assisting her with the entire thing, and we had a ball. So, we decided that would be our little tradition, to cook Thanksgiving Dinner together whenever we come visit for Thanksgiving. And of course, Ian had a ball hanging out with his granny and grandpa and their three terriers... With our Jack Russell Terrier Cosmo, it was an insane asylum to say the least lol.

Of course, there's the annual Christmas gift giving argument with my wife. Every year she asks for my input on what to get Ian and one by one, shoots my ideas down lol. It happens on his birthday, and at Christmas every year just like clockwork. My mistake was thinking that this year would be any different. This year, he has asked for a Playstation 2. She knows nothing... ok, less than nothing about video games and asked me to look into the options and pick the best gaming system. So I asked the expert, my brother. (problem number one: involving my family in a decision affecting us...) He is a video game junkie from back in the day of Atari, has had every system through the years, currently has Wii, Xbox and Playstation. (and 4 kids...) He says without a doubt, the best system for Ian (aged 7) is Wii, especially since it can involve the whole family and my wife ought to love that. It's exactly what he said... "my wife ought to love it for that reason." Most of the Wii games are geared for an active younger kid, not all violent and older teen type games like Playstation 2. So, I am sold lol no doubt about it. Well, the wife isn't. She's got it in her head that because he asked for it, thats what he should have, regardless of any facts or information I may have found out about the dang thing lol. So, now she has to cop an attitude after I buy it, and give my family ideas for games for it and all that (after asking me to look into the gaming stuff and figure out the best thing for Ian). So, why is it ladies, that you insist on asking our opinion, and even go so far as to assign us a task, only to turn around and argue about the result. Why did she even bother to ask in the first place? And somehow, based on her attitude towards me, I have done something wrong here lol. I bring it home after landing a nice deal and all she says is "I hope he likes it..." Amazing...

On one hand, this kinda really pisses me off. It offends me that she does this every year. It offends me that it bothers her that I asked my brother for advice and followed it. It offends me that she gets an attitude and basically doesnt trust my judgement, even though she doesn't know shit about video games. It bothers me that she makes such a stink over a damn Christmas gift. It bothers me that I let this ridiculous sophomoric nonsense get to me but it does. So, here's my plan. I am going to attempt to not be an ass about it and just go with my idea and let her stew. If she chooses to be dumb about this and let it ruin her Christmas so be it. Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time knows she and I have communication issues and go through this type of nonsense periodically. We had a bit of a burn up a couple weeks ago, can't even remember the specific thing that touched it off but it boils down to the same old crap. I ended up going to see our Priest... He agreed that counselling wouldn't be a bad idea. I mentioned I went to him, she said nothing, just assumed we were having a lil trouble, no big deal. I dunno about that lol. It has become a bit of a showstopper for me.

So, I am going to see about getting my head on straight with myself and my part and see if she cares to join me or not. I am not sure where all that came from, I guess I needed to vent some.

On the positive attitude front, aside from stupid stuff with my wife, all's well with the positive attitude. Maybe that's why I haven't taken this opportunity to create a big argument over this. It isn't worth it and I just want to be at peace and enjoy the holidays. I can't be in charge of her moods and all that insanity anyhow so why get all wrapped up in it? It jsut ticks me off that she sees the need to act like this over frickin Christmas gifts... There's just no reason.

I will have to blog later about all the good stuff that's going on :-) stay tuned lol There's plenty.

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