Wednesday, January 28, 2009

happy 13th to me!

Well, today marks the anniversary of my first day of recovery from alcoholism and addiction, some 13 yrs ago! It is truly miraculous, all that God has accomplished in me and with me in those 13 years. If someone would have described to me 13 yrs ago, where I would be in life today, I would have bet them all the money I had (which wasn't much) that they would be wrong.

I remember coming to my first meeting, unaware fot he fact that I am alcoholic/addicted. I was afraid, depressed, scared, at my wits end and most of all, embarrassed that I was at an AA meeeting. I didn't really believe I had a problem, I just partied alot. But, i was willing to come, because my step brother encouraged me, and had provided for me a loving 4th Step inventory (of me), a couple nights before, following his first few AA meetings. My dad (who was nealr y 7 yrs sober at the time agreed to meet us at the meeting. That nite, he gave me probably the best advice I have ever gotten in AA. He told me to go in, shake hands, introduce myself, get a coffee, sit down and listen. He instructed me to try and relate to somethingI hear that nite, and to try not to judge or compare.

So, I was on my way. I got the message and began going to meetings daily... It took me a few weeks to get the 1st Step and that I am/was powerless and all that jazz. but, that's a story for a different post.

Suffice it to say I am extremely grateful today especially!


Sober Steve said...

Great talking to you tonight again my sober brother.

Congrads on the 13 years...How did you do that????

dAAve said...

Congrats Scott.
You're a teenager now!!!

(I'll remind everyone tomorrow)