Thursday, January 29, 2009

the day after...

lol, A nice anniversary celebrated yesterday without more then a mere mention from anyone round here, until my friend and brother in recovery Sober Steve calls me to say hey and wish me a happy 13th... Thanks, my friend!

It's nice to have a milestone come and go, no fanfare, no hangovers, no obnoxious self-centered behaviour... It is after all, just another day in sobriety :-)

We got a foot of snow Tues nite/Wed morning. For these parts, that's a major accumulation. I had over 2 hrs invested in shovelling my driveway and unburying my car so needless to say, I worked from home and hung out with the boy yesterday. Hopefully, that will be it for the major snowfalls this season, not a big fan of large type snows like I was as a kid!

I hope and pray for a calm day in my mind. I am overrun with business and damn grateful for it. Now I jsut have to try to act like it, instead of getting all stressed out and bitchy over it. I stand to be able to make a nice chunk of change here for Q1 2009, while many people are really hurting. So, I have to remain grateful, and remain true to the principle that I am here to serve God and help others. I pray that my work be the best that it can be for my clients and my family, that I might truly earn my income.

peace to you all!


GratefulOne said...

Happy Anniversary! You are an inspiration.


Mary Christine said...

Happy Birthday Scott! I think there should have been a huge party for you... like on the scale of the inauguration. Really. So glad we get to share this sober world.

dAAve said...

Well, that's good news. Very good.

Bill said...

Thanks for proving that 13 can be a lucky number!