Friday, January 30, 2009

morning quiet

It's nice when I leave myself time to wake up, catch the financials on CNBC, shower, drink coffee, pray and even blog just a bit. It's especially nice when I do it on a Friday morning. I have to be in town early on Friday's for my Breakfast Optimist Club meeting at 8, and I usually don't leave myself time for this.

Fridays are always insane at work, its just that simple. The bank branch I sit in on Fridays has me in their lobby, in a cubicle, right up by the teller line where all the tellers and customers are making small talk all day. Needless to say, it can be a challenge to get things done due to the noise level. With the level of business I am seeing right now, today should go fast. I already have 3 appts set, one is a closing for a young couple buying their first home. They are excited, as am I. I love finishing the work week with an excited young couple. It really reminds me of my purpose, why I do what I do (even though I really want/need to be doing something else, lol). This just brings home the point that I can be of service in my present career. This also helps me to remember that I am not dealing with last names and numbers, I am dealing with real people, with real issues that need real help and service. I pray that I might take this attitude into my day. I do have to say, that it feels good to not be the least productive loan officer in my district. I am actually right up there with the people who put up the big numbers. I am usually above average more often than not,a nd occasionally lead the group. But right now, I am really kicking it while some are struggling. I know how it feels to struggle oh man do I, so I dont wish that on any of my colleagues. Having said that, I am just grateful, very grateful to be in a better place, among the leaders right now. I pray that I can keep my focus, keep being of service and also maintain a frenetic pace of getting on deals and getting clients taken care of. I am setting myself up for some nice results this 1st quarter of 2009 and I am just grateful.

My (our) niece N. Man, oh man this girl is in trouble with her disease. She's off and running across the country again, family enabling her as only they know how. They don't know any other way. We can barely convince her folks to hit Al-Anon, and getting N to an AA meeting well... She's simply not done yet. She's turning out to be one of those young, stubborn low-bottom drunks that could really get herself hurt or killed. She's just this side of being a really tragic story. I hope and pray that she finds the answers, that she goes through enough self abuse to become entirely ready to seek out our help in earnest. I pray she does this before its too late. Please keep her in your prayers, my friends!


dAAve said...

Regarding your niece, I know it is difficult to watch. But one day, some time ago, she was me.

Scott said...

Wow, exactly correct... there but for the Grace of God go/went/could still go I. Exactly correct....