Sunday, February 01, 2009

Scout Sunday

This morning, our Boy and Cub Scouts will all gather at one of the churches in town (we rotate yearly) to worship at the Sunday service. This is part of how our kids show that faith is a large part of Scouting, sort of a community outreach/presence. Then later today we hold our BLue/Gold Banquet for the entire Cub Scout pack to celebrate the year we're having, give out awards and just get everyone together for food, fun and fellowship. So, it's a busy Scouting day for us and our little Tiger Cub! The den leader gig has been fun, no one else would take it and I am pretty well glad I did. The overall pack is somewhat disorganized and I have had to learn on my own pretty much, so that has been "interesting" to say the least. But, the Tiger Cubs and their parents have been awesome and hopefully we can keep the entire den together as they progress through the ranks of scouting. As long as time continues to permit me and they still want me, I am going to stick with this den leader deal and see what happens!

yesterday, Ian and I hung out most of the day. We went over to the high school to watch our girls basketball teams play. The JV and Varsity both won and looked good doing so. I think our Varsity girls are ranked #1 in the state of Ohio right now, rock on girls! We came home, played Wii, had supper and then watched "The Empire Strikes Back." Ian is working his way through the Star Wars movies for the first time. He liked Star Wars better than TESB last nite so we'll see how he does with Return of the Jedi. I think he will probably like that one the most. Good finally triumphs over evil, there's the fuzzy little Ewok critters and all that jazz. So, it was a fun filled day of hanging out with my son. Once we get through the Scouting stuff and his homework, I need to get hammering away on some loans in an attempt to get caught up on all these refinance clients I have, wow! My cup definitely runneth over with business, yay!

I began a Rosary Novena earlier in the week and got off track already. I was going to do 9 days of praying the Rosary (a Novena) and I just simply got off lol. So, I will begin again. The Rosary I am praying on this Novena is a Scriptural Rosary that meditates on the details of the Passion of Christ. I found the book at the gift shop while on retreat a couple weekends ago. It's really a different set of Mysteries than the traditional Mysteries prayed for the Rosary.

keep well, trust God, clean house help others... y'all know what to do, right?

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