Monday, February 02, 2009

it's a new day, new week, new month

Gotta get up and get at 'em! It's Monday, a new day, week, month... It's time to go kick butt in the name of HP! My mission this morning is clear: Serve God, help others and through doing this I will be well taken care of. Of course, my motives must remain good and tied back to the mission lol. I pray that I might remain true to my mission today, that my mind, heart and soul might be open to God's Direction throughout that day. I pray that my thinking be free from guilt, depression, anger and self-seeking motives.

After work, it's off to the local car lot for a test drive. My current Oldsmobile Intrigue has been driven over 200,000 miles and it's still going but for how long? Not long... lol. It has been a great car, mechanically. Thanks to GM and UAW for this one! I had been hoping for, holding out for a newer Honda Element, but I need to be a little more pragmatic when it comes to how much money we spend. So, I was looking around at a local car lot while getting the power window on the Olds permanently closed this week lol. I found a nice looking, clean Mazda Tribute on the lot, priced to sell. It's a small SUV, decent mileage, V6, all wheel drive but with enough room for our little insane asylum to travel more comfortably than we do now. So, tonite, Ian and I are going to give the thing a good going over and test run. I will have to inquire about financing as well... I hate to add another car pmt, and frankly I dunno if I can even get a car loan, as I am still carrying a fair amount of debt from the days of opening and running my little mortgage office. So, we'll just see how it all unfolds. I just know that I need a solid ride with room enough for the masses!

So, that's all the news that's fit to print! Y'all have a great Monday, see ya next time! Stay Sober, get to meetings, get with God and help those around ya!


Sober Steve said...

Well busy little beaver aren't we, staying busy is good for people like us, its harder to get inside our own heads if we are busy and thinking of others..

peace my bro

Scott said...

agreed 110% my friend!