Wednesday, February 04, 2009

a time for change...

after a few trips to a local used car lot, some intense research (ok, maybe not intense) and some phone calls here and there... I bought a new vehicle last nite. Well, not new, but new to me. I got a really nice deal on a 2007 Kia Sorento, with low mileage, lots of warranty left and a really great price. It's a sporty little all wheel drive small SUV with plenty of room and even a little bit of "attitude" lol. The bank hooked me up with a good financing situation, the insurance worked out well and I should have it by Friday, once they run it through the shop and do their thing with it. I am not really a "trendy" car buyer or anything. I really tried to be sensible with regard to price, value, roominess, sportiness and all that and I think I did pretty well. It feels good to come away from a car purchase feeling like you got the right vehicle at a fair price from a good businessman. So, here's to getting something new and fun! That's always exciting. It's time to crank up the mortgage machine and get some loans closed now that I've picked up a new car payment lol. The Olds has been 200,000 miles plus of sensible, solid transportation but I am ready for something newer!

prayers for today

I pray to my HP that I might remain grateful and hardworking for everything good in my life. While I know that there are things I must do in order to bring good things to pass, I also know that it is all only becuase of HP that good things happen in my life today. Without a personal relationship with God/HP/Jesus I'd be nowhere. I pray for my niece N that shebe closer to being ready to surrender. I pray for my Cousin K who's been paralyzed from the neck down with a hockey injury. I pray for the alcoholics sick and suffering out there,a nd those of us who have had the Grace given to us to get and stay sober one day at a time.

peace to all who enter... have an awesome day!

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Sober Steve said...

how come pain is such a motivator to Alcoholics like us.

"It's time to crank up the mortgage machine and get some loans closed now that I've picked up a new car payment lol." does that mean you won't of otherwise, or is the pain of another payment pushing you.

For me it is the pain of another payment that pushes me to just do my job,,,thats not good. I think I better look at that now,,,

Thanks my sober BRO