Sunday, January 11, 2009

a return to bloggage

Please excuse my absence from the blogoshpere, I've had alot going on. Frankly, the last three weeks have been a complete blur. We were in Toledo over Christmas, other than getting wiped out by a nasty sinus infection Christmas with my family was great! It was the first Christmas in 4-5 yrs we were all together. We were in West Virginia the following week over New Years, and that was really nice! And of course, with mortgage rates down so low, I spent about half our trip to WV hunched over my laptop working on refi loans, and doing pretty much notjhing but working since we got back last Saturday. All in all, our Holidays were fun-filled, safe, relaxing and wonderful. a blur! lol

Stress has been the mood lately. Work has been insane to say the least. I have more business to look at than I have ever even dreamed of having. This is typically a good thing. However, even though rates are down, loans are not any easier to do. Credit guidelines are very tight, home values are down, appraisals come in low and it all equates to 2X the work for the same amount of closings due to the number of people I cannot help. On the happy side of all this, I have been saving some folks some big bucks! And now, a month early here in Ohio, the purchase business is already picking up steam and this is definitely a good thing! I just wish there were more time to get to everyone, wow. I am behind to say the least lol. If I was to choose a problem to have with my job, being to busy would be my choice! I am grateful to be employed and grateful to be busy. Having said all that, if I could change careers right now and get into somethingI enjoy more with less stress and more steady income I would do it in a heartbeat. But for now, I try to remain grateful for what we do have. Lots of folks have it worse than us!

My cousin K is still in rehab with his broken neck. He's a 14 yr old freshman in high school who was hit from behind during a high school hockey game and the result was a broken neck and shoulders down paralysis. His attitude is about as good as can be expected and he is rehabbing. The professional hockey community has raised a bunch of money already for his expenses (amazing!) and many people are praying. This past week, I decided to do a lesson on prayer, specifically prayers of petition. We talked a bit about prayers of petition and then I read the class the story about what happened to my cousin. He wrote it himself on his website at the rehab center, very touching I think. The kids then spent time making him cards and messages that I will mail up to him. Several of my student committed to praying for K on a regular basis. This whole thing has really touched me. I cannot imagine how they are all dealing with this tragedy.

My Niece N is still really struggling with her recovery. She is now back home with her folks, working and taking things a day at a time. Its not been pretty for them but they are working at it. She's really in a bad way on many levels and I hope and pray she can become ready to surrender and try recovery. She's fighting it.

To those who have continued to come by to read and comment, I sincerely apologize for vanishing over the holidays, it just got so busy I really had no time to blog. I did get your comments, they come across my blackberry and I really appreciate and love your kindness! God Bless you all, I pray that your day is filled with the Peace of our HP!


catholicandgop said...

Glad to see you back :)

Sober Steve said...

glad that you are back... you are accountable you know... Words I should be saying to myself.

peace my sober brother

Adrienne said...

Welcome back. Are you from Toledo?? If so I need your thoughts. We are thinking about moving there...

tia said...

Glad to see you back Scott.

It's nice that through all of the rough stuff, you're still able to help others - what goes around comes around.

c'ya later Scott,