Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well, Friday was no less insane than I imagined it, perhaps I set myself up a bit. But, we got through it, HP and me! Looking back, I realize that in closing 6 loans this week I closed more loans and volume this week than I had in Sept, Oct and Nov combined. I closed more this week than I did in June and July combined. And as a result with the loans that closed earlier in Feb and the loans set to close next week, I'll achieve a personal best in closings and volume this month. That means, LOTS of people helped! Lots of interest reduced and money saved. Lots of charge cards pd off. A few new homeowners at great interest rates and terms. It's shaping up to be a productive month indeed for God, working through me! Nice!

Ever look at something you've written and see how many times you write the word "I" just to see how self centered you really are? For instance... "I" alone didn't accomplish all the stuff I listed above... "We" did: my processor, underwriters, closers, clients, title company people, appraisers, personal bankers, bank mgrs and various others. But, when it comes time to take credit, it all comes back to me. (of course, that's pretty swell when it comes to the paycheck lol) But, I know and I want others to know that I don't see these things and stuff "I" did.

Sobriety is the same way in my opinion (and for that matter so is religious/spiritual growth). I most certainly have my part.. I have to not drink, go to meetings, get a home group and sponsor. I need to sponsor others, I need to live the 12 Steps of AA, I need to Trust God, Clean House and Help Others. But, without God in my life, a relationship with a Higher Power I simply cannot stay sober or grow spiritually. Without giving my difficulties over to Him who can truly handle them, I am lost. Without you people in AA, in church, at work, in my family, I cannot make it. So, while I certainly cannot say that I have no hand in my own recovery, accomplishments and growth, I most definitely cannot take all the credit...

I love being able to see that about my life, our lives. I love being able to see that I need you, I need God, I need me. I love being able to celebrate achievements together, and feel good about my part in them. I love being able to reflect on difficulties and being able to rely upon God and you for help and support, while being honest and humble enough to see my part and my faults.
This sobriety thing is really quite amazing, to consider how much I have changed because of "You..."

Thank You!

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Gwen R said...

Very cool Scott, looking at your "I's"

Love it~

Have a wonderful weekend!