Friday, February 20, 2009

miscellaneous debris...

Well, the day of exhaustion is here... lol by 4 pm, I will be reduced to a droooling, yawning, eye watering mess lol. And I have two closings ater 4 pm lol. I don't know what it is (the aging process, no doubt) but by Fri afternoon, I am flat outta gas. Hopefully today I can last until about 6:30 when my day officially wraps up!

Wed nite, we had a humdinger of a newcomer at my home group... This guy is mad, glad, happy, sad, loud and proud! In other words, he's me about 13 yrs ago lol. It's good to have a new body coming to my home group, we desperately needed him to start coming. We've got some good time at the meeting, one guy in his first year and another with a couple years, but we haven't had a raw newcomer in AWHILE! I pray for his continued sobriety and attendance.

Man, people are mad about Obama's economic plan. I haven't read all the details yet, simply havent had time... I try very hard not to listen to the talking heads who merely foister their opinion in order to drive some agenda. But, that's nearly impossible lol. All I know as a mortgage professional is that it's not as easy for people to refi as it used to be because of falling home values and credit guidelines tightening back up to where they should be. But, I am having a record month, that was preceeded by 2 solid months and will be followed by a very healthy March. This is the best run I have been on in my career as far as consistent volume and numbers of loans funding. So, I know that the banks are lending. Don't let anyone tell you differently. I refuse to get caught up in all the flap and anger. It ain't worth it, people... There's nothing I can do or improve by insulting someone I don't agree with or spouting off and disrespecting others. So, I am trying to let this thing (like I did the last election) just be what it is, and try to enjoy life, help others and serve God. (and finally make a little bit of money...)

peace be with you all!

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