Sunday, February 08, 2009

I wanted to post and read some bloggage real quick while I coffeed up and prepared for Mass...

I love going to church, I love going to meeings... I find myself more easily spiritually centered at Mass and at meetings. I need to consistent reminders of what I am SUPPOSED to be doing, otherwise I will begin again doing what I am NOT SUPPOSED to be doing.

It seems that more now than ever I need a God of my understanding in my life, a Redeemer to guide me each day. The longer I live sober, the more I grow dependant upon Him who has All Power to save me and nurture me. I am grateful for this growth and reliance. I had very little (ok, no) reliance upon anything else by myself (which explains the big mess!!). AA has taught me that it's ok to be weak, to admit that weakness. In admitting weakness we find strength. I find my strength in HP's presence in the fellowship of the Spirit in AA, at church, with clients, on blogs, alone in my quiet place. I have to remember that this is the way I need to do things daily, with God's help!

Heavenly Father, I come before you today at Mass with intentions for some dear people who need Your Grace and Healing: My friend B for his brain cancer, my neice N for her alcoholism, my nephew K for his hockey paralysis, our President and secular leaders as they protect us,a nd help fix up the mess we've gotten ourselves in, for Alkies/Addicts, Christians everywhere who are hurting. Please Bless these on my intentions list, and please Bless my family and friends, bloggers...

peace be with you all!

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