Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Tonight, my CCD 8th graders will be introduced to meditation. (am I insane?? lol) Hopefully, they will take this seriously. I will present it seriously but make it fun as well. We'll discuss the "mechanics" of meditation, as well as the notion of "Catholic" meditation. (I know, doesn't sound like much fun yet, does it?) We'll spend a good chunk of the class time actually running through a guided meditation together. I think they will enjoy that part... I know they are in 8th grade, but it doesn't hurt to introduce them to something new to them. And who knows, maybe a few of them will catch a spark that gets them into meditation at some point in their lives. Goodness knows I can use the help with it myself... I still find it difficult to quiet myself.

I met this girl... a great friend several years ago, when I came back into the mortgage biz. At the time (back in 2004) she worked for a title company we used to use for our mortgage transactions. As working colleagues, we'd become good buds. Over the years, we've each gone different directions in our careers, but have always stayed in touch. We just have a nice friendship, talk well, listen well, all that jazz. We've never even met face to face, it's funny... Well, I got an email from her yesterday explaining how yer long time boyfriend T has been found to have cancerours tumors and lung cancer. Hell, the guy probably isn't even my age (40) and he has some serious cancer going on. It really blew me away big time as I read her email, detailing his condition, his prognosis (50/50 chance of getting through this) and their attitude. Here are two people, veterans of the mortgaqge industry who have been down a very rocky road financially due to the changes in our markets/industry. And on top of that stress and difficulty, T ends up with Cancer. As I recall he had just lost his mom to cancer just a couple yrs ago. I let her know I am here to listen, if she eneds to talk or vent. I also let her know that I will be praying for them daily and that I would pray a Rosary for him. I don't really know what else I can do, but I know I can do that and that prayer matters. So, if you have a moment maybe ask HP to bless my friend J and her guy T with His Healing Grace, and please pray for all cancer sufferers and their families. It seems like I see this awful illness more and more frequently. Maybe it's because I am older and the people I hang with are older, I don't know. But please, these folks need your and my prayers.

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