Saturday, February 14, 2009

staying sober and sane in an insane environment

I love being busy, I really do. By 4 pm yesterday I was drooling and could hardly complete a sentence lol. It was a good drool, really! I hadn't been home prior to 9 pm all week, was putting the monstrous pipeline of loans into the "let's schedule your closing" stage, attending sales meetings, religious ed classes (both teaching and "studenting"), squeezing in a home group meeting, an Optimist board mtg.. all kinds of awesome stuff. So, that explains the near comatose state I found myself in by 4 pm yesterday.

I managed to gloober my way to 5:07 pm, pack up and get out, getting home safely before 6 on a Friday, quite an accomplishment lol. I had a quick dinner, then Ian and I hit the YMCA for about an hour and I came home and fell asleep on the couch lol. That was it for me.

This morning I am working through the never ending (Thank God!) stack of refi inquiries in an effort to re-create my (soon to be glorious!!) February loan volume in March. Thankfully I can do this in the comfort of my home office, wearing... just never you mind! But, I thought it necessary to take a break and blog for a few precious moments. Later today, our Optimist Club is doing a "fun day" and the jr high school, complete with three giant inflatables for the kiddos to jump around in for 4 hrs. Ian is pumped! Then we'll do the Valentine's Dinner thing with mama bear.

So, why do I think y'all care to read about the minuta of my life? Well, it's my dang blog and I will blog what I want!! lol no, that's not it, actually there's a point to all this commentary on minutia. I am merely sharing with my readers and friends here that it's possible for a complete mess of a falling down drunken drug addict to (one day at a time) totally turn his life around into a somewhat productive (if not less insane lol) peaceful, serene (ok, now we're stretching) life of love, work and play.

God (Jesus, Holy Spirit, HP, Yaweh and so forth) has given me the continuous gift of sobriety for over 13 yrs now. It's nothing I necessarily deserved, or did anything specifically to warrent receiving. But that's the magic... I have come to know that God loves me, and wants/needs me to be happy. And so, he sprinkles His Grace Dust as I call it all over everywhere for anyone with the courage/fear to reach up and grab hold of. This Grace Dust works for depression, illness, death, disease, confusion, you name it. So, if you're struggling with ANYTHING, let go it that which you struggle with, and grab God's Grace and hang on for the ride of your life. If you're an alkie/addict like me, get to meetings, get help from sponsor, live the Steps and watch it all change a day at a time.

Man, life is good... busy as hell but AWESOME!

peace to you all, and may you all be filled with God's Grace!


Sober Steve said...

Being Busy is good, being swamped dangerous for people like you and I. i have faith that you know when enough is enough. If you would of jumped out of bed then went into your home office in a suite and tie on a Saturday I would suggest you take time for yourself and make another meeeting. Peace my friend


Scott said...

lol, no suit and tie at the home office bro, no worries there!

And, since I am such a recreation-based person lol I am usually not in any danger of overworking myself lol

lol good stuff, thanks for commenting!