Sunday, February 15, 2009

a plan for healing

An exciting project is underway! For Catholics and Christians the world over, this is an exciting project of revelation and Grace! Check out this site and see what it's all about!

I love the weekend! It gives me some time to slow down, get some rest and spend time with my family... (it also gives me some time to get caught up on some work, unfortunately lol)

Today, the readings at Mass are all about me (or well, us.. the alcoholics and addicts, the sick, outcast...) The healing power of Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit are the topic of the Mass this morning and I cannot wait to go be a part of the healing. I find myself in need of some spiritual healing before I can receive Christ in the Eucharist and I will take care of that this week. This Mass and the prayers we'll celebrate with shall lead me to that point of healing with Father later in the week as I reconcile myself to the Lord in confession and receive absolution.

In AA we accomplish this sort of cleansing by living a few Steps, 4-7 to be exact. I have to be aware of everything about me... those things which bring me closer to God (ie: everything good I do) and those things that separate me from God (ie: sin). The longer I wait to reconcile myself (ie: complete an inventory/examination of conscience, share with another/confess, and pray for healing/absolution + pennance) the longer I go with some uneccesary/painful unhappiness and separation from myself and God. So, this week I need to "get with the program" and celebrate the Blessed Sacrament of Reconciliation (also know as confession). It's a beautiful process and I long to strengthen my relationship to myself and with God, to get on the "right side of life" so to speak.

that's the plan...

have a blessed day!

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Hope said...

I went to link in this post and for some reason became very, very teary.