Wednesday, March 11, 2009

evaluation time

The weather is breaking, Spring is beginning to come round, once again... Ahh finally! It has been the usual long, cold, grey, blustery Ohio winter. I am ready for warmth and sunlight! Yesterday it got up to the mid-70's for the first time in probably forever, yay!

Sunday's Pinewood Derby was alot of fun. Surprisingly, Ian finished 3rd out of the 10 Tiger Cubs that raced, earning him a trophy and a spot in the District Pinewood Derby! Given my poor skills as a handy-man/craftsman, I am fairly well shocked that our little car performed so well lol. Kool! Some of the dads realy go nuts with this thing, I did not lol. I am not quite sure what's up with the goofy smile lol.
It has been weeks and months since I have been able to regularly attend the AA meeting for male inmates at our county jail. I had been going for over 10 yrs, and had sort of taken over the reigns and kept it going. Well, with the need to work many Saturdays and to family stuff on the Saturdays I dont work, I have completely fallen away from the jail meeting. Its disappointing because I always got alot out of that meeting. But, it's time to let it go to someone else and do what I need to do for me right now.
I watched an interesting short DVD the other nite that talks about how we get so busy doing a bunch of things in our lives, that we sometimes lose our focus, our life's purpose. We get so busy going these many little good works, that our time and talent gets so diluted, or turned away from what God really put us here to do. So, I am taking stock, trying to evaluate all that I have going on, all that I do in an effort to see what it all looks like on paper and if it all seems to align with what I believe to be my purpose or mission if you will. I think this will be an interesting exercise.
This morning I pray for God's blessings for you all. I pray that God might bless those I know whoa re sick and/or struggling with an issue or an addiction of some form. I pray for those who are struggling in this economy with lack of funds, job losses, etc. I am ever thankful for all the blessings God gives me each day and I pray that I take the time to share them with others. That is what I believe to be one overall guiding purpose or principle for me, to share what I have been given, to help others.
have a nice day out there!


dAAve said...

It's interesting to witness how our lives change with continued sobriety. I guess as long as that sobriety remains the priority, everything else is just gravy.

steveroni said...

Sharing...that's what nature does all the time, asking for nothing in return. Live and learn!