Sunday, March 08, 2009

winds of change are a blowin'

Time change that is... Ian and I overslept for Mass this morning... I knew about the time change, still messed it up lol. Oh well... This actually helps lessen the time crunch this morning as we would have had to dash home from Mass and change quickly in order to get to the Pinewood Derby race today.

Yup, that's right its race day today! Our Cub Scout Pack will be holding the annual Pinewood Derby races... We spent yesterday setting up the track and all the stuff for that and now it's race day! I am hoping our car makes it to the end of the darn track lol. I am not much of a crafty/handy guy when it comes to making things so I am a little apprehensive about how our car will perform lol. As long as Ian has a good time, that's all that matters to me. Some dads really take this racing thing seriously with balancing the cars, templates, feeler gauges and all this stuff... Man, I/we cut the thing out, painted it applied a couple stickers to it, then I hollowed out a few spots in the bottom and glued in some lead weights to get the car closer to max allowable weight. It's a gravity propelled downhill deal so ya gotta have some weight in the car or it simply wont go. It'll be fun, another excuse to hang out together all afternoon before I come home and get to work on the mountain of stuff I have to get done.

Somehow I have already managed to complete all the coursework necessary to become a certified catechist with the Archdiocese. I had no idea I was actually even close to having it all done. So, thats kool. I guess the next thing will be to get certified for Adult Faith Formation/RCIA as well. Why not just keep going. I am also going to check into whether or not these courses (short thought they may be) would actually translate into college credits that might be applied to the 12 hrs I need to complete in order to get re-certified to teach in Ohio. It would be great to be killing two birds with one stone.

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Sober Steve said...

win you loose it doesn't matter. when it came to that fork in the road and you had to choose again, which direction to go? you choose family and sober way of life over the fast pace maze of the daily grind in the other direction. Enjoy the day by sober brother.