Saturday, March 07, 2009

old friends come home... (or maybe I did I dunno lol)

I fell asleep last nite at 8:30... exhausted was the word... wow! I got up at around 8 this morning, yay! Its nearly time to go scouting for food with all my Cub Scouts, yeee hooo!

Ever have a special, super duper great person from way back when sorta get lost, lose touch and life goes on? We all have, I know I sure have... Well, this person is/was one of my very tightest confidantes/friends/buds/peeps/homies and a few weeks ago, she popped up on my blackberry in a text... yay! It's sort of like missing a part of me without realizing... until it shows back up. So, a big warm welcome back into my life LVC! yay! I love having good, consitent contact with my closest friends... especially those that go back several years that really know me. I've been close with this friend since 1987 I think... That covers a lot of ground for this 40 yr old lol. We hadn't been in touch in probably 8-10 years... It has been really kool to begin to get caught up, see how we've changed and how we've not changed... It just feels like one piece of the puzzle has been filled in...

So the moral of this story, if there's a special someone out there for you that you've thought about talking to again, miss terribly, need to have in your life... Go find them, it's worth it! It's VERY worth it!

peace to you all...

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