Friday, March 06, 2009

it's really Friday!

This week it really IS Friday! I will not be in a bank branch over the weekend, yeee haw! That's not to say I won't end up working but at least I can do it on my terms, from home lol. (and of course... I am grateful to be gainfully employed, just really tired lol)

Today its up and down I-75 for appointments, meetings and even a closing... Who said banking is boring, stuck in the same old office all the time, no variety lol. Any more, on any given week I can find myself in one of 4-6 different branches doing God knows what.

This weekend our Cub Scout pack is distributing food collection bags around town, and next Saturday morning we'll pick them up (at least from the homes that choose to give something) and deliver them to a local food bank. Scouting For Food has been going on for several years now but it's my first time heading the thing up. I am pretty excited, I love helping others and doing stuff like this! Sunday its the annual Pinewood Derby Race, Ian's first ever. We've made a pretty spiffy racer, let's hope she's fast too lol.

Last nite I took Ian and one of his little mates to the Y for their "sports of all sorts" classes. Thye played whiffleball while I plyed basketball with a bunch of kids who were hanging out. Basketball is great exercise, especially when it's me against 3-4 little guys lol. It was a bunch of fun!

Well, y'all have a great day today, make the most of it, do something nice and dont get caught!

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steveroni said...

I did something nice and didn't get caught--and cannot remember what it was!