Wednesday, March 04, 2009

the magic...

The magic of recovery was present this evening at my home group... I gave out not one, but TWO "beginner's/24 hr" tokens tonite... We had two guys at the meeting returning from the fun of using/drinking. MAN I needed to hear what I heard tonite. For one guy it was the classic "I stopped going to meetings and..." story. I so need to hear about those who tempted fate and decided to try things their way. I don't say that to judge or to be critical. I just need to know what happens to us when we get too far from the program. MAN that was a good meeting, talking the basics of new recovery, sharing what it was like when I first came into AA 13+ yrs ago, how I came to finally arrive, all that jazz. I still marvel at the energy a newcomer can bring to a meeting. I am so grateful these guys wandered into my life tonite.

At CCD tonite, it was the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the 7th and 8th graders... While they were waiting their turn to give Confession, the other 8th grade teacher and I took them through a really awesome adaptation (adapted for Reconciliation services for youth) of the Stations of the Cross... It was really kool... A very spiritual evening indeed!

I just wanted to share that little extra tidbit with you all tonite.

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steveroni said...

I told one "returning" girl today, "Thanks for going out--and coming back."

Actually, she did it for me (et alii) so we do not have to. Let's face it, if nobody went 'out', one of us might have to go, to see 'what it was like'. I need that 'first-hand' report every tear or so. Too bad they come in much more frquently..