Wednesday, March 04, 2009

prayers and gratitude

God, just for today please help me to be patient and tolerant, especially when I don't want to. Please continue to remove the obsession to smoke, drink and use drugs. I pray that I might spend time today reflecting on the beauty You bring to my life every day. I pray that I might see Your Will and Good Works in my life. Please help me help others today! It's what I am here to do.

Yay, baseball will be on Mondays this spring/summer! That's very kool for me because that's my least conflicted evening of the week! I love coaching little kids (more like cheerleading/teaching really lol). This year Ian will be on the boys 1st-2nd grade team, and it'll be a blast, no doubt! Last nite on my way home from work I popped into the Y to watch him swim... He's able to swim an entire length of the pool now, really coming a long way! This summer he may try the swim team. I hope he does.

CCD tonite is reconciliation (confession) for my 8th graders. While they are waiting to do their biz, we'll be walking them through the stations of the Cross, as adapted for younger people. Lent is probably my favorite time of the Church Year, for all the reflection, tradition, prayer/meditation and focus on the Sacraments and Sacramentals.

We've had a slight up tick in attendance at my Wed nite Men's home group. Hopefully that'll continue. We've picked up a real "humdinger" of a newcomer, JB. I hope he's there tonite. He's a bit rough around the edges and we're just the guys to help him find his smoth stride in recovery :-)

y'all have a blessed, peaceful day! be grateful!

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