Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I don't want to wish my life away but I can't say I will be disappointed when we get to the point where the weather warms up, whew man! We've hit that point where winter has been here for too long lol. We escaped the big snowfall that roared up the east coast but dang it was brutally cold, lol. Maybe I am just getting old.

Well, I think I am going to have to reset my expectations with regard to my teaching career. I spoke yesterday with our school superintendant about possibly coming back into teaching as an instrumental music teacher. I had heard that the fellow we have now is on his way out after a turbulent 1st year but as it stands, there are "no current openings" at our school. She also told me that the competition is exceedingly high for positions. 60 people sent packets in when they filled the position last year, all of whom are state certified, many of whom are experienced teachers with a track record of performance. She suggested that I complete my 12 hrs and get my state certification before trying to get a position teaching public school just due to the heavy competition she saw last year. I can only imagine that has increased with the job losses this year.

The one thing I take from that is that I am grateful to be employed with a solid bank and cranking out good production numbers. But, I have to say that I am somewhat bummed out lol. I figured I could at least spark some interest... As for trying to grab a vocational school teaching gig, the competition will only be more insane there, as those teachers are not required to be state licensed and the coursework is more suited to those of us in business. So, there are TONS of displaced business people flocking to those positions. The difference for me is that I am not seeing the teaching gig as a "fallback" position. I see it as something I should be doing as I am a teacher at heart.

Tonite is our yearly organizational meeting for spring/summer kids baseball. YAY! I helped coach my son's TBall team last year... Man what a blast that was!! I intend to help out again this year if I can wedge it into my schedule. I have so much going on, it could be kind of tough but we'll just see.

I think right now, I need to be prepared to accept where I am at, and go with what I am doing, keeping my eyes and ears open. I will hopefully have the time and $$ to take some courses over the summer and get started on getting my state certification re-established. In the mean time, I am also trying to position myself for a promotion at work when that comes available (which given the current environment, could be awhile).

acceptance is the key... (one of my fave stories in the BB)

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