Sunday, March 01, 2009

It's definitely good to be reconciled to the Lord. Thursday evening I made a good confession of my sins, had a good talk with father, and am working on my pennance in prayer and reflection as well as action. Today at Mass was the first chance I had to receive Full Communion since reconciling myself to God and it always feels especially wonderful, that first Eucharist after Confession/Reconciliation. It's good to again be in a full state of Grace :-)

This weekend, Ian and I are building his 1st ever Pinewood Derby car for Cub Scouts, this has been lots of fun to work on, even though I am not the most handiest or craftiest fellow around. It will turn our pretty kool although I am not sure how fast it will go lol. Yesterday, we took Ian and one of his Cub Scout buddies to Chuck E Cheeses and then to the OSU Men's Hockey game in Columbus. We had a ball, Ian got to meet "Brutus" the Buckeye and get his autpgraph and picture taken with Brutus so he was digging that. Ian is a HUGE Ohio State fan. They lost the hockey to Miami of Ohio but it was exciting! The OSU band was in the arena and they were great as usual. It was a heck of a fun family day together. Chuck E CHeeses was insane and packed... The line began outside and it took us over 30 mins to get in there and to a table. So much for the "crappy economy," at least as far as CEC is concerned! lol

Thank goodness Feb is behind me as far as work goes. Once all the numbers are in, ti will prove to be my best month ever in my career. But, it was crazy and stressful. March will be much like Feb, except maybe not quite as much volume, but more loans. Again, lots of people's finances improved! ya gotta love that!

Heavenly Father, Thank You for this day and everything it brings! Help me be a patient and kind father and husband today. Please help me to discern where You're working in me and through me. I pray that you might bless my nephew Kyle, my niece Natalie and all those people on my intentions list. Please be with the sick and suffering alcoholics and addicts as they try to get cleaned up and live right.

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steveroni said...

I'm so thankful to get to read blogs and find out most everyone is happy, and productive, and living life.