Thursday, March 26, 2009

spring is in the air! yay!

Spring is springing here in West Central Ohio... The end of Winter is in sight... Spring is my most favorite time of the year! It's not that I cannot be happy during Winter but I am most enjoying the weather and the outdoors during Spring and Summer.

I apologize for not being more consistent with my blog this week but time has been at a premium with all that's taking place in my life these days. Once we get past 4/1, things will begin to kool off a bit.

Last week, my 8th grade CCD class and I had what I thought was an engaging, excellent discussion of the 1st half of the Mass. This week, we'll cover the rest... The Eucharist. I really jsut want them to have a better understanding of what's going on at Mass and why we do what we do as Catholics. Hopefully something will sink in and inspire the kids to get more out of their time at Mass.

My nephew K, who had broken his neck playing hockey in November, is home now. He had been at a children's hospital in MI, but got home in time to spend his 15th birthday at home. He is out of his halo, and getting more and more feeling and activity in his extremities... Let's keep praying for his healing. His attitude is incredible!

My niece N is back to her way of living in this disease.... she's only 21 and she's killing herself with alcohol, big time. Pray for her.

I am just grateful to be working, as scary and stressful as things are in the mortgage/banking industry right now. I am grateful to be making some money, hopefully it'll be enough lol. I am playing in a local HS musical this weekend to earn some extra cash and have some fun. I'm going to try once again to pick up some trombone students for the joy of teaching and for some extra cash flow.

y'all have a great day! Thanks for coming by!


steveroni said...

Age 21--Wow! this disease does not vare about age, status, gender, politics or ethnicity. Did I metion age? Wow! Twenty One. Sounds like a card game--hope she wins.

Bravo to your nephew! May God stay right there beside him through the rest of this lengthy healing time.

Thanks for bringing these people into your blog life. It helps all of us to read and ponder.

Sober Steve said...

Praying for you and all your family my sober brother


Gwen R said...

Happy April Fools Scott!

Enjoy your spring springing :)

Gwen R~