Saturday, March 21, 2009

training day

up and at 'em! Normally on Saturday mornings, I sleep in a bit in an attempt to recover from another fun work week. Not this week... I am getting ready to head out to "University of Scouting" a day long series of workshops designed to help train adult leaders in some of the skills needed to lead youth in Scouting. I like classes and workshops, so I am looking forward to a day of stress free relaxation and learning. (we get free lunch too, so that's kool!)

This is the kind of stuff that happens when you have kids... I have learned so much, become such a different person since my son wandered into my life 7 and a half years ago. God, I could never wholly express my gratitude for such and amazing gift! Had I not gotten sober, this would not have happened, for I met his mom, my wife in AA. Yet another miracle of sobriety!

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steveroni said...

Met my wife in AA also, Scott. I said (to myself) my next wife had to be sober, non-smoker, no kids, no pets. She was SOBER, that's all! After a number of years I grew to love the children and pets--she did stop smoking.
Thanks for a good post.

Steve E.