Friday, March 20, 2009


My obsession remains removed... What greater miracle can an alcoholic/addict have in their life? When I reflect a moment on what that means to me (and it's been awhile since I've done so), I am shocked at the changes in my life since joining AA over 13 years ago. After coming to meetings for a few weeks, finding a sponsor and working past the "white knuckle" stage of sobriety, I began to take my sponsor's suggestion of asking God in the morning to "relieve me of the obsession to drink and use drugs" and to thank Him at night for another sober day. After a few months of this and lots of meetings and phone/face time with my sponsor, it occured to me one day that I hadn't thought about taking a drink or smoking a joint. I was shocked, overwhelmed and couldn't wait to call him and tell him what had happened. It had been a day or two since I had thought about getting high or drunk! I couldn't believe it! I immediately knew that I had become ready to let go and God took my obsession from me.

I am so grateful that He has kept that obsession from me since then. If I can do this with my drinking/drugging, imagine the miracles I might enjoy if I do it with the smaller insanities of my daily life... Something to think about :-)

peace to you!

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