Wednesday, March 18, 2009

certifiably what??

Well, CCD is winding down. Tonite is one of two sessions I have left for this year where I actually teach a lesson. We have some group stuff we're doing and of course, we'll just HAVE to have pizza one nite lol. I plan to do two lessons on the Mass. We're going to talk about/discover (in their own understanding, hopefully) the various parts of the celebration of the Mass. My goal with this is to help them understand a little bit better, what's actually taking place on Sundays in church. My UBER goal would be for them to find something they can take away that might make Mass more appealing and more personal for each of them. I know that one is a TALL order. After all, we are talking about 8th graders here lol. Also tonite, my "boss" at Church, the Director of Religious Ed. has to sit in and observe me as the final part of my certification as a catechist. That's pretty kool... to become actually certified. I know we're not supposed to rely upon labels, and intelligence and all the trappings of education too heavily, but it does feel good to accomplish something, to become "certified" in something lol. I love to learn and achieve, what can I say. I am a teacher at heart. My main thing is that I really hope and pray that I've touched these kinds in one way or another. I hope they've found something in my class that they can latch on to and use in their personal faith.

I know it will probably never end but geee, all this President bashing we do in America... All this political in-fighting and negativity. It makes me laugh... As we go through the transition of power from Democrats to Republicans, I sit and listen to the message from members of each party and it's like they have each flipped sids 180 degrees. now the republicans are the Pres bashers and the Dems are behind the Pres and cannot believe how "disrespectful" republicans are of the Office of the Presidency. A few short weeks ago, the Dems couldn't say enough bad about the President and the Republicans were shocked at the "disrespect" the Democrats had for the Office of President. Blah, blah, blah , blah... it's all the same, the sides have merely switched and frankly, this guy is really tired of all the bashing, fighting, lying, stealing... all of it. Our political process in the country has become a joke as have many of the people involved in it.
Frankly, it's a damn shame. This country might not have ben founded under perfect circumstances, but the principles that guided our Founders were and still are perfect, but we find oursleves stepping further and further away from them on a daily basis, as a country. It's not about Dems and Reps, it's about what people turn into when they get into public service at that level... The whole things has been twisted and abused beyond anything useful or recognizeable.

When are going to grow up and treat each other with respect, dignity and have peaceful discourse that doesn't involve the politics of personal destruction? I know, at this rate probably never.

Ok, that's my rant... I will just go back to trying not to be a part of the negative nonsense and pray for those who are a part...

have a nice day!

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