Monday, April 13, 2009

check up day!

Well, today I go see the surgeon for the first time since the surgery. Man, I hope and pray that things are going well with me. I am anxious to get back to "normal." I still can't really sit but I did manage to go for a walk to the park down the street for the Easter Egg Hunt Saturday. It was a nice sunny day and it was really great to get out and talk to some friends. I hadn't been out of the house/garage/yard in 10 days.

Easter was a non-event for me. I couldn't get to Mass or anything. That was a drag, yesterday wasn't one of my better days. Thankfuly, my wife has done great in taking care of me, no surprise there. She's been really awesome! What a trooper. And I have tried to be a quiet, non-demanding pleasant patient. I think I've accomplished that (with God's help) failr decently.

Well, hopefully I will have something good to report once I get back...

peace to you all!

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Steve E. said...

You do not have to wait until TUESDAY to report the good news, OK?