Tuesday, April 14, 2009

on the mend

Well, everything checked out well with the surgeon yesterday... He said my healing was progressing really well, faster than he thought it might but that I have a ways to go yet. That's about as good as I could have expected and I am pleased, just in a hurry to get back to normal lol.

I still have to use the wound vac, it's what's closing my wound so quickly. While that thing can be a hassle, I have it to thank for my quick recovery. Most of all, God and my wife have been there BIG time, I am grateful. I am blessed to have help with this major inconvenience. Thankfully, it's not a major health issue, no cancer or bad infection or disease. But it has been very painful, and really humbling and inconvenient. Stuff happens!

Some of the people (thankfully, the ones that matter) have been fairly supportive and understanding. But, some of the bankers I work with have been less than ideal with my absence from work. All they seem to care about are the loans they've referred to me and their status. While I share in their frustration, it's been pretty tough, with being out of the bank for almost 3 weeks now, and my laptop going down for one of those weeks. At least now, I am back to laptopping from home and able to contact clients and try to get caught up. But, of course, nothing is fast enough for them. I guess they've never had to rig their home office so they can work standing up lol. Heck with them.


God, thank You for my sobriety, AA, my health, family and friends. I am truly grateful that this has not been worse than it turned out to be. We can handle this together. I miss You in your Sanctuary at Church and will return as soon as possible. I am grateful to You for fast healing and the willingness to do whatever my doc and nurses say to do. Thank You for my wife,s he has really helped keep me going phyiscally and emotionally. I pray I do not forget quickly, as I am prone to do. Please be with my niece N, my nephew K and friend B as they struggle with their illnesses. Please continue to heal me, and I pray that I remain open to Your Word and Grace.

peace be with you all...


dAAve said...

Healing on so many fronts.
Good for you.

Steve E. said...

Love your prayer...from your heart, the best kind!