Friday, April 17, 2009

escape from Alcatraz!

Wed nite, I decided to just go crazy and go to my home group meeting. (actually, I think it was more like go to my home group meeting or just go crazy lol) Since it's only 4 blocks from my home, I couldn't justify not going since I had walked all the way across town several blocks one way to mail my taxes on Tuesday lol. I am so grateful I am close enough to be able to walk over. There were two guys there that were probably under a month sober, another fellow just returning from a relapse after a couple years sober in AA, and a couple of really solid old-timers I haven't seen in a long time. Suffice it to say we had plenty to discuss, and for me it was a wonderful meeting. I was a bit nervous at first, having just spent the previous two weeks on Vicodin (havent had to take any since Tuesday, down to ibuprofen only now) and still having this contraption attached to me to drain and heal my wound. but it was fine, like all meeting always are.

I am working on a special project, leading a local community concert band in preparation for a concert on June 21st. This is my first time on the podium, conducting & preparing a band for performance since my days in Grad school as a conducting student/teaching assistant in Houston. We had our 1st rehearsal a few weeks ago, and it was AWESOME to be "back at the helm" again, wow! I left that 2 hr rehearsal floating on a cloud. I had to miss the 2nd rehearsal because of this surgery, a major disappointment. So, last nite I escaped the house to attend the 3rd rehearsal and damn am I glad I got to get up there and do my thing. The band is playing wonderfully, everyone seems to be really enjoying the whole process and we're going to sound pretty good for this concert. I was really tired at 9pm when we wrapped up but it was well worth it! I am really starting to see and believe,a nd have faith that I am probably suppsoed to be doing more with my musical gift than I am currently doing. And I know doggone well I should be teaching more than just CCD at Church.

Having said all that, our embattled lacal high school band director finally threw in the towel last week and resigned, effective the end of the school year. This was only his 1st year with our school. It wasn't pretty. So, even though I still have 12 hours to go before I can be re certified, I am calling the school and trying to get my hat in the ring for the position. I have the teaching and musical chops, I have solid support from key parents in the community and I have the desire (and a butt ton of fear, no doubt). I did find out from the superintendant that they can hire someone who's not yet certified by the State, as long as they person is working on their hours and will be certified within a specific time frame. So, I am going for it. The outgoing guy never had a chance because he doesnt understand how to "play the game" in town, and work with the parents and kids and boosters. It absolutely killed him, and killed him quickly. It's sad because he seems to be a fine musician.

God be with me, and those I love. Please Bless those who are sick and suffering with their trials in life. My prayer list is long. You know Father, for whom I make these petitions... please be with them.

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Steve E. said...

With a minimum of training you could teach RCIA at church.

It has always been a dream of mine to conduct--also, fo me, ever since college Masters courses I've had this desire. But I got into performing instead--as a symphony violin player, just a member of the band!

Don't know your age (I'm 75) but GO FOR IT, whatever and wherever God leads you.