Sunday, April 26, 2009

a prayerful Sunday

I have a lot to be thankful for, and a lot to pray for...

I pray to God for people who need His Healing Touch in their lives for various reasons, for my mom and step mom with their health, for my niece who's really struggling with her alcoholism, for my nephew who's trying to regain feeling in his arms and legs after being paralyzed at age 14 this past fall, for a some new AA members that have come to my home group recently, for alkies and addicts everywhere, that my wife son and I grow closer as a family and jsut for anyone in general who's struggling. I also pray for healing for myself, and for the patience to peacefully endure the healing process as it moves so slowly... And I also ask for wisdom and guidance to make the right decisions where money and my career are concerned.

I have shared at length about longing to teach again, my God given gifts as a musician and using that Gift. I caled about the opening for a new band director in my local school, and they suggested that I apply and provide my info, and maybe I will get an interview. Meanwhile later that same day, I found out that the best market in my district is coming available almost immediately through the retirement of a loan officer and I am the leading candidate to take over the market, which would mean a vast improvement to my work circumstances and puts me in a better position for promotion down the road. So, I pray for guidance.

The band job, while frightening lol is an opportunity to do what I was educated and degreed to do, what I love and have passion for. However, I don't know if I can provide well enough for my family with the salary that comes along with the teaching job. On the bank side, the earning potential is twice that of the teaching gig, especially if they move me from the branches I have now, into the market that's coming open (which thankfully doesnt require us to move) next month. The stress level is insane in both jobs, just different types of stresses so that's probably a wash there. So, I think I am leaning toward just taking the new market and sticking with the bank job, even though I don't enjoy it nearly as much as I would the teaching job. I have to be prudent about money as we are a one income family, and will continue to be a one income family going forward.

My gratitude must be shared... I am grateful for opportunities, for healing, that the surgeon got everything he was looking for when he performed my procedure. I am grateful to have a family to provide for, to be sober with. I am grateful that I am willing to follow doctor's orders. I amgrateful that my wife is willing to take care of me between nurse vists and help me with my healing (including the ever watchful eye over my vicodin. I am grateful for the divin protection that helps me clearly manage my vicodin usage to the point that I only take it on days the nurse is coming to hurt me lol. I am grateful that spring is here, finally :-)

peace be with you all...


Steve E. said...

It would be a no-brainer for me--the BANK promotion!

After I got my Master's at age 42 (Music Ed) I subbed for a short time...and the high school orchestra, well...let;s just say I was ill prepared for the chaos in schools these days.

I, too, hope all is going to be OK with youor health circumstances. You have been through a lot of discomfort this year, and need a rest from that.

Being Grateful for your wife is GOOD!

Peace, Steve E

Jesus Forever said...

Scott F said...
"I have been sober and drug free since Jan 28th, 1996, thanks to HP and AA. At Easter Vigil 2007 I was baptized and confirmed into the Catholic Church, amazing! Thanks to HP and AA!"

Author Glen C. notes that Dr. Bob's AA homegroup (roughly between 1939-1940) emphasized the following passages in the Bible: 'Sermon on the Mount' (Matthew 5-7), the letter of James, 1 Corinthians 13, and Psalms 23 and 91. These "were especially useful for AA purposes because none of them required the newcomer to believe in the divinity of Christ or that Salvation could be found only by praying to Jesus."[19]

Mary Christine said...

That's a lot of gratitude!

Gwen R said...

Sobriety brings us great opportunities. Thanks for sharing your gratitudes and prayers Scott>