Monday, August 24, 2009

I've been reading blogs for nearly an hour this morning! I love that! Coffee and bloggage, what a wonderful way to begin my day. With all that goes on around me these days, it's nice to take a little healthy "me time" in the morning.

My son starts back to school tomorrow, 2nd grade. I think my wife is secretly (and most guiltily) feeling a tad bit overjoyed lol. It's been a long summer for her!

I begin working my way into the new gig this afternoon with my first "official" visit to the Chamber office. The outgoing director still works part time and will be there to begin "showing me the ropes." so to speak. I'm excited and nervous. HP will hook me up, so long as I keep in "constant contact."

I had a gift card to I-Tunes, I downloaded a whole bunch of wonderful music in recent days. Over the weekend I found some real sweet "big band" treasures, downloaded and burned a couple CD's. Now, I can listen to this stuff in the car... Wonderful, and so much better than the news or talk radio!

prayer for today...

HP, please remove my obsession to drink, use drugs and smoke cigarettes again today. I thank You for I wouldn't be sober and free of these obsessions without Your Divine Healing Hand in my life today. I pray that I might be sufficiently fit for You to use me to transmit these gifts to others today. I thank You for my life today, for all that will come before me today. I pray I choose today to use the tools You've given me to make the world a better place. Please be with the people I love and care for, and especially with the people whom I've let ruffle my feathers. I pray that I am able to carry my vision of Your Will for me into my day today and keep it squarely before me. Thanks...

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