Monday, August 10, 2009

still looking

As some of my "long time" friends and readers may recall, I have been on again off again making an attempt at exiting the mortgage/banking industry for something more predictable/solid income-wise, less stressful, and less "giant corporation-itis." I had considered teaching again, and that's still a possibility, I just need to get 12 hrs completed in order to get re-certified by the State of Ohio.

A couple weeks ago, I was made aware that the executive director of our local Chamber of Commerce had resigned. So, while packing to go on vacation last week I crafted a cover letter/email outlining my desire to be considered and my background and sent it off along with my resume, not even sure I'd get a call. Well, I got the call and had to take the final interview time slot at 7:45 in the evening, the night we returned from Minnesota (by car, ugh). Well, that was last Wed, and Fri morning I got the call to come in for my 2nd interview with the entire board tomorrow. So, I think it's down to me and one other candidate. I am trying not to get too excited but it's hard not to. I have come to dread going to work each day, even with the move to a better market, it's still the same nightmare, just more clients.

I know the Chamber job will be less stressful or at least stressful in a more manageable way. The main thing is that as it sits now I am still not sure what the compensation will be. The last guy who's leaving wasn't making a whole lot, certainly not enough for me to take care of my family, but more than my current base salary. The difficulty in leaving the bank is leaving behind the potential for a large income as I am compensated above my base salary when I close enough volume. However, this little "refi boom" is slowly grinding down to a halt with rising interest rates and I've not gotten the "potential" income out of this situation due to many factors, most of which are beyond my control. And, you simply cannot cash "potential income" in at the bank lol. So, if we can come to terms on a decent salary, we may just have a golden opportunity here! Time will tell. I will pray.

In the meantime, I am exceedingly grateful to be employed in these times, even if it is in a job I am not suited for and miserable in and not terribly successful at. I am grateful to be sober. I am still hanging on to being excited about participating in an upcoming 5K run/walk. I will be walking, hoepfully quickly lol. I am greatful for friends and family, in and out of AA. I am grateful for an HP to pray to for my friends and family who could especially benefit from His Grace today, He knows who they are.

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Steve E. said...

Good luck on the job scene and the 5k walk/run. Gratitude will take first place any day.