Sunday, August 16, 2009

peace of mind...

15 people were at my home group wed, probably half of them under a year sober. Our meeting has really gotten good! There's a great mix of longer sobriety, early recovery, new faces in both categories so that when questions are asked we get a great discussion and lots of interesting perspectives. It really helps guys like me and our very few "regulars" get refreshed again. Lately I have been needing that badly.

My last post was the last post I'll make as a mortgage professional, at least for awhile hopefully, lol. I had my interview Tuesday and was offered the position Tuesday, a couple hours after my interview. We spent the rest of the week negotiating the details of my employment and Friday I accepted their offer and gave notice to my boss. Needless to say, it felt very relieving to give my notice. Based on the circumstances at the bank and with Home Lending, I will probably only need to be at the bank a few days more and I will be done. I am really grateful at how things worked out here in the end. It was a stressful week as the offer "wasn't enough" and all of that, but we got things worked out just fine. All things being what they are, this is working out just fine. And now that I have the chance for just a little bit of hindsight, they are probably working out better than I deserve, even though it's not what I "wanted" or maybe even thought I "deserve" lol.

God works in my life, I know that. When I am consistenly praying and seeking His Will for me, I see most clearly how He works. It's when I am struggling to maintain contact, to continue to pray deeply and consistently that I sometimes have trouble seeing His Good Works in my life. But that doesn't mean He isn't doing what He does. Its really up to me to be "present" and in His presence often enough to see what He's up to. This situation is a classic example of God doing for me what I cannot do for myself. I now we talk about that ALOT in early recovery. But, I am here to tell you that after 13.5 years sober it still works that way big time. I had at one point Thursday morning had my mind made up to walk away from the new opportunity over money concerns. Had I done so, I'd have been making a HUGE type mistake and been setting myself up for failure. I prayed, consulted, talked, reflected and what not before ultimately deciding to make the change and go on faith that thing will work out. Several details came to light after I had given my boss notice that made it abundantly clear that I had made the right decision, big time. I hope I can remember how this played out and how God works in my life even when I maybe don't see it.

More about the new job on a later post... Much gratitude to you who have been reading all my complaints about the banking biz and the mortgage industry... Lucky for you, you've only had to read a little about it lol.

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